13 December 2015

Who Hijacked OUR Timeline??

I have been reading Erich von Daniken's book, Chariots of the Gods? ((c) 1969), and it has got me thinking. I believe that was the purpose of his books in the first place, ask questions, lots of questions and hard questions. Those questions were to stimulate the thought process in the reader and hopefully, inspire the reader to ask their own questions and demand some kind of action from those in power.

And my question is: Who Hijacked/Stole OUR Timeline?? As von Daniken observed, in 1969 we, the peoples of the Western World, were on the verge of the greatest adventure ever..........SPACE. We landed astronauts on the Moon and we had ambitions on Mars and possibly Venus. In, Chariots of the Gods? von Daniken expresses the excitement of having mankind on the surface of Mars in the next 12 years.....that should have been 1981.......so, what the heck happened??? Why are we not out exploring at least the region of Space closest to us, our own solar system??

As I grew up in the 1970's, I too, expected NASA to have manned flights to Mars by the time I was old enough to go. But somewhere along the way our destiny got hijacked and our timeline got re-directed. Instead of exploring our solar system, we got iPhones, iPads, BIG SCREEN TV's, the internet & Facebook. These are just great.....they numb the thinking process for 10 - 16 hours a day. The average resident of planet Earth is an electronically pacified drone.....mindlessly, drifting through time & space, all the while selfishly numbed to the world around them. The remaining Earthlings are equally distracted by bullshit topics like Global-warming or tragedic topics like war. For all our potential as an intelligent species, we are collectively, easy to distract. Give us the lastest LED screen and the fastest gaming platform and for a few hours/days/weeks/years we do not care what is happening elsewhere. So, what happened??

Somewhere along the way, the collective "WE" got adverse to risk. It would look to me, that started to happen in the late 1980's. Once "we" lost our spirit for adventure and the quality of entertainment started to improve, "we" forgot about exploring - Space or anywhere else for that matter. Now those in power are so adverse to risk, we are unlikely to ever see any great advancements in technology. No more break throughs in medicine. No more break throughs in science. No more break throughs in transportation. No more break throughs in energy production. Without a higher purpose to channel our collective thoughts, we are only going to see more gadgets to entertain us for a bit or war & strife to punish us. When will 'WE" get our adventurous spirit back?? Where will "WE" explore next??

The purpose of this post is to challenge the status quo, there are answers but they come from you. What are you willing to risk to join the greatest adventure?? Who are you going to ask, "Why are we not out exploring Space??" "Why do we not have a base on Mars??" 

So, the next time you are thinking.....hey, what is wrong on this planet??
Go to a quiet place, look up into the Heavens and observe all those stars,
Twinkling. The answer may just come to you.

Until next time,
Don't be afraid to think for yourself!!


1 December 2015

Social Engineering: Bracken's Take On This Subject

Howdy Folks,

I have just be directed to review the following post:


Mathew Bracken seems to have researched this topic much deeper than I have and his essay (link above) translates my gut feelings into words. Not my words, but I would like to believe when more than one person share similar thoughts/feelings about world events, it is no longer a wild delusion. Social Engineering.....the downfall of Western Civilization?? Only time will tell.

Keep informed folks,

The times, they are a changin'


19 November 2015

Social Engineering - Transforming Folks Against Their Will

Time to get some thoughts out on paper, errr, computer screen. It has been a busy time of late. The world as we know it, continues to morph into something new. Which, segways nicely into what I am pondering at this time - Social Engineering.

Social Engineering:

Social Engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media or private groups...........For various reasons, the term has been imbued with negative connotations. In British and Canadian jurisprudence, changing public attitudes about a behaviour is accepted as one of the key functions of laws prohibiting it. Governments also influence behavior more subtly through incentives and disincentives built into economic policy and tax policy.........( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_engineering_%28political_science%29 )

There, thanks Wikipedia for a basic definition, now we have the ground level covered........so, let's move on.

The transforming of peoples against their will and mostly by methods they do not recognize, social engineering has been around a long time. But, I am not a historian, and I am most interested in how our world, in our time has been changed. Starting with a review of what was taught in school a few decades back, subjects like Western Civ, were common in many high schools. And then somewhere along the way it became offensive for kids to learn about Western Civilization. I, personally, believe each citizen of planet Earth should know who their parents are and where they came from. So, I find it hard to understand why teaching children (who came from Europe and immigrated to the Americas (North, Central and South)) where they came from and the challenges and achievements that were made by their ancestors. It was not a mandatory course, so why were folks offended. If you did not come from Europe, don't take the course.....that's what is allowed in a free society. But, I think there may be a more sinister plot behind the removal of Western Civ from the curriculum. We are told, those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it ( George Santayana - https://www.nationalchurchillmuseum.org/blog/churchill-quote-history/ ) Not the direct quote, but words I have heard many times. So, the quickest way to change thinking is to remove a source of knowledge. So, those in power of the school boards, make the decision to remove Western Civ, thus the offended parties can be pacified. But, the social engineering is not finished with this step. 

The next modification is the raising of importance of other cultures in the same schools. On its own this seems reasonable.........except, all cultures are not represented. Those who have come from European sources have lost their cultural education, because Western Civ has been dropped as a course option. 

Then, the text books which explained why, where and when events in the largest conflicts in recent world history start to get watered down or worse re-written and events are debated in class out-of-context and heros are made into villians......we have a problem. (Personal opinion of modern textbooks)

In short, the current education process seems to be "dumbing-down" our society. Problem solving and critical thinking are frowned upon. The NEW math - the experience of working on mathmatical problem is more importnat than finding the correct answer. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over!!! When these kids get into the workforce, they are in for a world of hurt. Bosses do not except the employee experiencing a warm fuzzy feeling when they are part of inventory. The boss wants an accurate accounting of every single item on hand at the exact time the inventory is being held. Close is not enough. Why are we letting the "system" screw-up our kids???

Now let's look at big picture stuff........where we live, work and play. Since the end of World War Two, in Canada, we as people have moved in from the rural into urban areas. This is not by chance. Slowly, though advertisement/commericialism the daily brainwashing progressed over the radiowaves, then TV and now the Internet.....about how good city life is, how it is easier to live and buy goods in the city and how the "in" crowd lives in the city not out in the country. What few noticed was what was being given up. In the city, few had their own garden, or chickens, or cows or pigs. If you wanted fresh veggies; you had to go to the store. If you wanted eggs; you had to go to the store. If you wanted milk; you had to go to the store. Once, most folks were programmed to go to the store, then they started to slowly jack up the prices. Wages were low and higher food prices keep the average person enslaved at their jobs. No more time to play. Who could afford it.

Now we find ourselves on the brink of a new change, okay not a new change, but certainly a change for us. The world continues to fight amongst its peoples and some are displaced. To keep the average folks distracted and exhausted, the best enemy ever in the history of warfare has been created - The Terrorist. They do not wear uniforms. They do not represent countries. They do not fight by the rules of land warfare. Thus, the powers that be, can proclaim any incident to be the work of terrorists, thus keeping the fear level very high. In times like these, folks can be persuaded to surrender their freedoms in exchange for security. Now, you get a democratic dictatorship........why would you give up freedom???? 

I will have to continue this another time.

Remember the past and prepare for the future!


23 August 2015

Gear Taco for Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

Solar Gear Taco & Goal Zero Nomad 7
Need a Summer project?? Happen to have a Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel set?? Not totally comfortable of just strapping the Nomad 7 on your pack and smashing off through the bush??

Well, today is your lucky day!! I have just designed and built a solution to protecting your Goal Zero investment. The Solar Gear Taco.....now, the taco gear pouch is not my idea exclusively, there are a few companies out there that build mag pouches and phone pouches that also use the taco design. The taco is recognized by the fact that there are no side panels to the pouch. The pouch is held closed on the sides by bungie cord or para-cord that lace through loops down each side of the pouch.

My Solar Gear Taco just happens to be sized to fit and work with the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel Set. These solar panels are tough and weather resistant in their own right, but I cannot trust myself to remember I have breakable items strapped to my ruck.....thus, I needed to add another layer of protection.

I like the taco design, because it speeds up construction and allows for custom sizing. So, let's have a look at this a bit closer.

Fleece Solar Panel Protector
Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel Set

Goal Zero Guide 10+ & Nomad 7

The Solar Gear Taco allows for straight forward design and construction, you are basically making a single padded panel.....now I wanted a bit more weatherproofing so I added a flap over the top, that could be omitted.

Also, I employed MOLLE styled webbing, front & rear, to enhance the loops needed for lacing the pouch together. These MOLLE patches can have other pouches added to the Solar Taco, as well as, use MOLLE connectors to attach to a rucksack or other system using MOLLE.
Solar Gear Taco - Front View

The overall size is 7 1/2" wide x 23" long (open size) + the flap. When laced together we maintain the 7 1/2" width but reduce the height to just over 10 1/2". Pretty compact. 

Link to Goal Zero: http://www.goalzero.com/

As for components: 

Outer fabric (7.5"x23") require one
Inner fabric (7.5"x23") require one
Flap (7.5"x4") require two

Foam padding (1/4"x6.5"x9.5") require two
Foam padding (1/4"x1.5"x5") require one

Webbing (1" x 12") require seven
Webbing (3/4" x 12") require two
Webbing (3/4" x 3") require two

Draw cord/para-cord (24") require two
Side release buckle (3/4") require two
Cord Lock - require two 

Seam Tape (3/4")  +/- 60"

Solar Gear Taco - Rear View

Solar Taco Plan

Construction tips:

1) After cutting out all pieces, group together by purpose.

2) Attach 1" webbing to the outer fabric. Webbing for MOLLE style patches.....front, start 2" down from the top of the front panel. Chalk lines every 2", you need 4 lines.Place webbing against the line, and this will leave the 1" spacing for the MOLLE to work. Starting at the centre, sew bartacks at 1.25" spacing working out from centre toward the side edges. Rear MOLLE patch start 3" down from the top and chalk lines every 2", you need 3 lines. The end loops will get finished near the end of the project after the seam tape has finished the side seams. DO NOT sew the loops down before the seam tape....I only made that mistake once, oops.

3) Join the outer piece to the inner fabric - bad side to bad side. Sew down the right side seam using the edge of the sewing foot as your guide for seam allowance. Repeat with a zig-zag closer to the open edge. Finish by top stitching the seam tape in place. Avoid the tailends of webbing.

4) Measure down 10 1/2" from each end, chalk a line. Top stitch along this line. This should build a 2" pocket in the fabric panel across the short axis. Insert small piece of foam.

5) Repeat side seam process for the left side of the fabric panel.

6) Measure, cut and assemble the top flap. Tip: Mark the centre points. Measure from centre 7.5" on the lower edge and 5.5" on the upper edge. Chalk a line from the 5.5" to the 7.5" on each end, you should get a bevel angle. Cut out. Pin to second piece and cut to match. Assemble 3" piece of 3/4" webbing through female side of 3/4" side release buckle, fold webbing in half, if needed tack in place with a row of stitches. Layout fabric pieces goodside to goodside, insert buckles with webbing tail extending beyond the top of the fabric. Sew around the edges of the fabric piece, keeping the buckles as straight as possible. repeat around the edge with a zigzag stitch. Invert, so badsides are to badsides, top stitch around edge. Bartack over the webbing tails.

7) Insert large foam pieces. Top stitch the openings closed. Zigzag. On the top of front panel finish with seam tape. The rear panel add the flap and then finish with the seam tape. 

8) Bartack 1" webbing ends into loops. Sew through the seam tape on the sides of the panel.

9) Next attach the 3/4" webbing (12") by top stitching at the seam 10.5" down from the top. Line up the webbing so it will lace up through the MOLLE patch. Weave the webbing through the 3/4" side release buckle - male end. Fold webbing over and sew, so that the tail cannot unweave through the buckle.

10) Lace the cord through the loops up the sides. Insert the cord locks, one for each side. Tye-off the cord using a double fisherman's knot. Tuck extra cord into the webbing on the rear MOLLE patch.

Final tip: Use a flame/candle to melt all webbing ends, cord ends and seam tape ends; so, they will not fray and unravel. 

That's it, your done.

Get out there and use your gear!!


PS - I cut a piece of polar fleece to keep the two solar panels from grinding into each other. 

16 July 2015

BOV Show & Shine 2015

It is time to motor your BOV to a show & shine.
If you happened to miss last year's Bring Out Your BOV Show & Shine in Langdon, AB; now is your chance to get together with other like-minded folks and talk shop!!
Fire an e-mail RSVP to the folks at Briden Solutions, so they know how much food to have on hand for lunch.
Hope to see you there,


12 May 2015

Outdoor Survival Items - Part Two

Metal Match Pouch - Closed
Part Two of our Outdoor Survival Items will only include this one project based on the Metal Match Fire Starting Kit. I have recently received my Metal Match Fire Starting Kits from Amazon.ca and I wanted to make a pouch to carry this very handy item with me when I head to the bush.

First things, first.....This is the item from Amazon:

These Metal Matches shipped for free, but give yourself a bit of time if you need them for an upcoming trip, shipping from Malaysia takes 5 to 6 weeks. Remember, shipping is free. The costs were reasonable, less than $30 for 20 Metal Match units. 

The Metal Match Fire Starter Kit is very compact (about 1"x2"x3/8") and weighs next-to-nothing. It will light many 1000's of times. The unit consists of a striker with wick that stores on the inside of the case. The outside of the case has a ferro rod type surface to generate sparks when struck by the striker. The striker has a wick that is kept moist with a few drops of kerosene. The wick catches the sparks and the kero keeps the "match" lit until you transfer the flame to your fire.
Metal Match Pouch - Open
 Now, to build this pouch you need only a very few supplies: 2" webbing (1 piece 8" long), 1" webbing (1 piece 8" long), 1" snap hook x1, Hook & Loop tape (1"x2" x2 of each side).

When using webbing, remember to use a candle to burn the cut ends, so the webbing does not unravel.

This pouch will attach to a "D" ring on a pack or harness with the snap hook or it can attach via the hook & loop 1" webbing strap on the backside.

I have included my pattern at the bottom of the page in case you are working on a similar project and need a few ideas.

Construction time is less than an hour, including layout and cutting pieces. This is a good starter project and an easy "whip-it-up" project for experienced crafters.

I hope the pictures and the pattern assist you enough.

Remember, if you cannot afford someone else to build your gear.....build it yourself!!

Metal Match & Pouch

Metal Match & Pouch 2
Note: Kerosene is not included with this item, you must add that once you receive your Metal Match Fire Starter Kit.
Metal Match Pouch Pattern

29 April 2015

Tarp Survival Shelter Weekend

Tarp Survival Shelter - Wind from the West
 More recent training & adventure. This time, I was out practicing building and living in a Tarp Survival Shelter for a weekend. The season is Spring in Alberta (wait five minutes and everything changes!), location South & West of Calgary, AB, weather included sun, cloud, wind, snow, sleet, blowing snow and sun.

My personal health was not at its best for this adventure, I had a minor? chest cold developing, however, I had given my word that I would be attending. I was not to be delayed nor deterred by a cold.
View from the Foot of the Shelter

After the Snow from the East Visited - Second Tarp Added
 The camp location was quite good, as there were ample blowdown trees to use for shelter building. For the first night I used 4 poles to add structure to my tarp shelter. The forecast was for snow overnight, & I did not want my shelter to cave-in with the added weight. No snow arrived that night. The winds were from the West. My shelter provided very good protection from the elements. (My health was not improving, LOL.)

The next day proved to be a typical Alberta Spring day - 4 seasons in a day!! Started nice and sunny. But, them dark clouds were rising in the East. Winds from the East are not too common in Alberta and in the mountains, that can mean prolonged bad weather. By Lunch, the winds had picked up and the flurries began. The weather continued to worsen to snow, sleet and wind driven snow. As these conditions did not totally surprise, time was taken to harvest more poles for my shelter to protect the East face with a second tarp - in this case it was my poncho. This second tarp protected me from the worse of the weather. A few daring snowflakes found their way inside, but did no harm.

With the poor weather and my less than wonderful health, I called it a night early.....just after supper. The fourteen hour snooze did me no harm. I escaped getting wet and cold. In fact, compared to those tenting, I fared very well. With more ventilation I did not have to contend with excessive condensation issues. And for some reason or another, those in tents all reported being cold the next day. I was warm all night.

On Sunday, under beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine we enjoyed the day. Broke down the shelters and returned the poles to the forest. Took a few pictures of the Rockies in Springtime, like the one below. And then hiked back to the vehicles for the drive home.

Until next time....get out and practice your skills!!

The Rockies to the West - Yes, It Was All Worth IT!!!